Tuesday, June 9, 2009

UPDATE!!!! Post #2 For the Day

I RESCUED A PUPPY!!!!!!!! Found her running down 15th street in Midtown this morning while picking up one of my kiddos. I'm thinking she's a shitzu mix of some sort. Poor thing has been so neglected. Ticks and fleas galore and matted like no other. We took her to our groomer and they are gonna fix her all up! She will feel so much better. We're figuring out our next step from there. Possibility of keeping her! (Cross fingers!) 

Will post pics of her after her spa day!


phil said...

look at you. little miss savior of the lost puppies

Sam said...

Ha, thanks. TLC will have a reality series over me of some sort I'm sure..

I'll be sure and mention your name to the main peeps in charge.