Monday, June 29, 2009

Peace and Serenity

Well, I had some alone time in the cabin so I have been relaxing/unwinding inside after a fun day of venturing out in the small town of Clear Lake. So many fun pics to upload when I return. Let's just say you can have more fun in an antique shop than one ever thought possible!

This trip has been the exact remedy this girl has needed! Cabin on the lake, sleeping in, laying out on the dock, hours upon hours spent on the boat, Tiki Bar at night, shopping in small boutiques, and only to move on to Minnesota where we shall be visiting Ikea and the mother of all shopping centers.. The Mall of America ladies and gents! Also known as big danger zone for Sam. Oh and did I mention the weather is A-FREAKING-MAZING?! Quite a bit of a change from good ol Oklahoma weather.. Not sarcastic at all.

Also, after our Ikea and MoA trip, we (we being all my wonderful cousins who live here and attend the University of Iowa) will be going to the Earth Wind and Fire/Chicago concert that night!!! I won't be able to function Thursday.

I wish I could post all the pics I have so far but being the goof I am, I left my cord at home to upload everything from my camera to my computer. Shucks. Oh well...

Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday!


Kendra said...

sounds like a fun trip!

phil said...