Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nothing Important..

So, the scoop on Lily... I have decided to give her to a couple that I feel needs her more than I do. The husband is diagnosed with terminal cancer and is home-bound. So, Lily will be perfect for him. Someone there to take care of her and also someone for her to take care of. It will be so incredibly hard giving her away so that's why I am writing this so when the time comes I can look back here and remember it was the right decision. 

This weekend has been wonderful! Had a few days off from the pool which is always nice. Excited to see my best friend tomorrow. It will be short and sweet but I haven't seen him since February so any time is good time! 

As you can see this post isn't filled with much excitement. Hopefully the next shall be more entertaining. 

Pic of me and some of my kiddos, Walker and Aidan. Nothing beats the love of a child!

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